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Housesitters of SWFL is a Full Service Concierge and Homewatch company. With over 15 years in the air quality industry, we offer weekly inspections  thoroughly checking the inside and outside of your home or property.

In addition to our homewatch and inspection services, we also offer numerous concierge services for those returning from vacation or seasonal residence.

For more information or to see what Housesitters of SWFL can do for you , please call us at 239.789.1123 or complete our contact form today!

Your Property Is Our Priority!

What We Offer:

Visual Inspection

With every visit, we perform a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home.

Entry Maintenance

With each visit, we will clean the entryway removing any debris, newspapers, phonebooks, etc.

Pool & Spa

We will do a visual inspection of your pool/spa to ensure it is free of problems and debris.

Pest Inspection

Your home will be thoroughly inspected for any signs of pests with every visit we make to your home.

Security Inspection

We will inspect every door and window to ensure your home is locked and there has been no damage or vandalism.

Mail Collection

We will collect your mail and leave it in a designated location in your home.

Water Services

We will flush all toilets, run the garbage disposal and dishwasher as well as inspect all drains and hoses.

Climate Control

We will check the A/C and Relative Humidity to ensure that your home is cool, comfortable, and dry.

Additional Services

In addition to our basic services, we offer the following services at an additional rate:

  • Stocking Refrigerator
  • Starting Vehicles
  • Watering Plants
  • Forwarding Mail
  • Key Access for Contractors / Realtors
  • Handyman Services
  • Answering Alarm System Calls
  • Scheduling Cleaners
  • Installing Hurricane Protection
  • Shopping In Preparation of Your Return
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